Beautiful Draw Tube Telescopic Mod

Many thanks to Charlie from for supplying this for the review.


  1. Great review Todd. What a shame that you had issues with the delrin bit and the wobbly connector because mine has neither issue!

    I'd really be interested if someone could do a voltage drop comparison between this and the Roller and I'm finding the Draw Tube hits a bit harder.

    The Roller wins hands down in the looks dept but I'm glad I got my draw tube through a coop and would definitely recommend it.

    Thanks again for the review.

  2. I ordered 1 of these based on your review, well actually my wife ordered it for me for staying off the cigs for 1 year which will be the 24th of this month. I must say I am more than happy with it, in fact it much exceeded my expectations. The fit, finish and machining are top notch. The button works very well and is quite easy to use. Also as the other poster pointed out I have none of the problems with the delrin insulator or the connection being wobbly. In fact I can't find any fault with it. This is my third totally mech. mod, the first 2 are K-100's. I'm really liking these mechs and have begun building lower ohm coils to get the best vape with them. Before I was using VV/VW mods and was building my coils at 2.5 ohms or better most of the time. Now I'm running between 1.3 - 1.8 ohms with those sub ohm builds coming up soon. Ok, now I get the lower ohm builds and since I don't use anything except rebuildables I have a lot to experiment with. Once again you have changed my whole style of vaping. Keep up the great work.
    Robert Sharp


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