AGR2 SS Carto Tank (Killer tested)

AGR2 SS Carto Tank (Killer)

I bought this mainly to see if it would work with the Killer so the rambling mainly revolves round that.


  1. got the tank very good for money funny review all best todd

  2. Hello m8, glad to see I am not the only one, vapes better than it tastes, only adds to the excitement of the review. Glad to see you gave the AGR tank a go, am even more to see you got The Killer working on it. Thats it I have got to get a killer thnx for advice and review, a bit killer bias but thats what its all about.


  3. sorry for the silly question but could you adjust the killer from the top (dt end) ? i only ask as i have a couple of the agr v1 (which i prefer the look of) but they are a slightly different setup ,more like the arry tank v4 using a shorty extension which screws up into a skirted base,if that makes sense...
    just wondering as i'm thinking of trying a killer..

    1. I don't think so because of the other threaded section on the Killer, you would p[robably end up unscrewing the wrong section.

  4. Loved the ending ;-p

  5. C'mmon Tod

    You can do better than that after a mouthful of Grant's Vanilla Custard. Take some lessons from the maestro:

  6. Just so you know, the AGR with long tank fits exactly 4.5ml with the Killer inside it.

  7. As always great work Todd, just hope I come across an outtakes clip on here sometime, that ending was funny, lol


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