X8 Carto Tank - For the Killer

I got this today from Kingdom Vapours shop in Thornton Fife, works just great with the Killer :)


  1. Mmmm thats a nice find for the price glad it works well with your killer carto. One thing struck me it is very similar to the AGR carto tank the only differences being that the tank is unthreaded plus there is no locking base as you get with the AGR, saying that it looks ideal as you can adjust the flow on the killer as I use boge on my AGR and the locking base was the reason I got it. No more laps full of juice, thnx for review.


  2. the hole in the side of the bottom cap, it may be there to put the fill screw in while your refilling the tank , to keep from losing that tiny screw

  3. Nice tank, but is it just me, but I cannot find any UK online shop's that sell this tank, I would like to give one of these a go with my Killer.


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