V-Core 2.0 Clearomizer & Rebuild

Supplied by www.ifancyone.com for the purpose of this review.


  1. Hi Todd,

    I was wondering what resistance wire you used for the rebuild? Would a 0.20mm Kanthal A1 atomizer resistance wire (found on ebay) be any good?


    1. yeah .2, what I tend to always use myself :)

  2. Hi Todd
    good review just ordered one
    regards keith

  3. I managed to rebuild my wifes ce5 after watching this video. This video might have been a pain for you to make but skills have been passed on so thank you. Please keep up the good work. In all my years playing with electronics this is the first time I'd ever used resistance wire, so just goes to show.... Also for those threading nightmares have you ever tried a bit of heat shrink on the end of the wick? Just a thought..

    Kind regards, John


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