The CHI_YOU by Mojo

Well sure most folk have heard of this one and this video is just my take on it :)


  1. i guess people dont know wat to do with thier money that's why they dragging their ass to have one of that..225USD+shippng+tax its roughly around $300 less..damn!! a month food supply of my family...but infairness to mojo it is really a must grab mod!! a nice collector item..good review and nice advice for those who want to have a chi's!! more power "man of few words"

  2. Hi Mark, liked the review, but blimey you were restrained!!, have you taken some tranquilizers then? (LOL). Couple of things, the switch does have a spring, I accidently dismantled it when I thought the screw control the battery holder. Also when I turn the air control, I find the top unscrews have you had this problem? Just for the record I think I got this in the same group buy as your friend and paid $250 inc post, but escaped customs excise!!. Yeas probably right is a lot of dosh, eg I could buy a Nexus 7 for the same price, or get a decent mechanical mod a lot cheaper, not the Smok 'cos I don't want to fiddle. In your latest review you had mod similar looking to the Chi You I think it began with C?. Oh yes that was more then 2 things, ramblers of the world unite!


    1. The spring comment was more from a safety point, you know like a hot spring, don't think the spring in the button works in that way but could be wrong :)

      Nice ramble by the way :D

    2. Yes I see, what about the air control issue I have and that model you have.
      Thank for the compliment:) I could go on..................

    3. Yeah, air control was the same, found that if I made sure the battery was nice and tight it stopped the top cap coming off.

  3. he has made a flat top for genny users if you dont want the air control

  4. hi todd, give us a call please m8 ;)


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