SmokTech 3.5ml UDCT

It's carto tank time!

Supplied by free for this review


  1. Surprised it took you so long to cop that it needs a VV mod.
    A 1.5ohm dual coil needs 4.8-5v for a good vape,

    1. A 1.5 dual coil carto should not be fired past 3.7 volts or you will burn them. I use mine at 3.3 volts most of the time.

  2. I hate carto tanks. Last time i used them they had a rank taste and would only last a few days. Would flood loads. Would sometimes get stuck in the tank. it was 50 50 if they would turn up DOA.
    I hate Carto tanks.

  3. Ha Ha, it vapes like shit! That pretty well sums up my experience with carto tanks. I got my first rebuildable atty last September and I haven't used used a carto or clearo since. I have 4 Genesis style devices, 4 Phoenix style and an Odysseus clone, I didn't pay a lot for any of them as I'm on a budget and they are certainly not the best quality of machining, but they vape fantastic. I'll never go back to a carto as long as I can get wire and wick. I do want to thank you for including these types of devices in your reviews, some people love carto tanks and don't want to tinker with rebuilding. I get a lot of fun out of rebuilding myself, and it's good therapy for my hands. Thanks for all you do, your reviews have taught me a great deal and I enjoy them all.

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  5. Hi Todd, great review as always, been using these for approx 4 months, good device.Couple of points, first £10.99p from Smoktech's own site (save a pound), only got the clear plastic though.
    Second, no leaks but you do get condensation, and spit,down the centre tube, so it will gurgle. But a quick dab with a tissue and you're good to go. If you use the supplied plastic drip tip, you will see the condensation quite clearly.Most importantly, they do drain batteries very quickly, then you will get some flooding, so I would say ONLY use VV and/or VW set round the 4.1 mark, and would recommend 18650 batts. I sometimes use a mini Lavatube with 18350, but they last no time at all.Lastly, I use these devices at work, and they really are faff free. Thumbs up to the UDCT. :-)


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