Ceramic Wicks - How I got on!

A couple of videos showing how I got on with the new ceramic wicks.

Please check below the videos for more links to people that actually know what they are doing ;)

Part One

Part Two

FC-2000 Ceramic Wick Info Sheet (ekoehler's Library)

Wick Shaping & Sizing

Elias Hot Wrap Coil for FC-2000 Porous Ceramic Wicks (Elias Gourvelos)

Electrical Hot Coil Wrap Method #2 (scubabatdan)


  1. Thanks for posting this, it has helped me to decide that these are not for me. I had my reservations about these wicks from the start, especially after finding some of the ceramic was treated with a chemical to prevent algae growth. I have seen several reviews both positive and negative about these wicks and I've really decided that they have a purpose because some people just can't use mesh without getting hotspots that they cannot get rid of. In that case I can see the advantage to to the ceramic. I however would rather use what I know and trust, and I can usually wrap the mesh with no problems, if however I end up with hotspots, I've learned how to fix them and do not mind tinkering about to get rid of them, plus I don't have to wait a week or more to get a decent vape. Keep up the wonderful reviews and keep vaping!

  2. Whilst with credit as you said going to those who are trying to develop ceramic wick, this as well is not for me. I do really like RBA and all the aspects that go into it, this really seems from what you've shown and said too early in its development I don't think its going to take vapers by storm as the difference in vapor production is small proportional to the preparing and bedding ceramic wick requires. I have been informed that there may be a new form of wick called quartz strand and hopefully waiting for samples to be available to try. After coming off silica wick and moving into mesh prob the same as you it is going to take some convincing and vape improvement for me to consider anything else. Thanx for the review.



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