Vapeonly BCC Mega Clearomiser

Will return to this in a week and let you know how it went.


  1. As Stock, there are 2-3 additional wicks on top the one coiled wick inside each coil head. While dry preferably, just pull off the top cap of the coil head and remove all but one of the top wicks. Additionally if still getting dry hits, you can remove individual strands of the remaining wicks with a pair of tweezers while wet (or fingers) without having to remove the top cap of the coil head. They come out easily. This is really worth the effort because this vapes like a champ once dialed in to thickness of your juice. No Gurgling! No Dry hits!

    1. Thanks for adding that mate, great information.



  2. hi, can i ask what battery it is your using please?


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