The Poldiac BTO from MMVapors

My first look at what is a beautiful mod.

Now I may have my issues with the price and I can see that you do get a lot for the money and the craftsmanship is outstanding but for me it's right in there with Hybrid money and that just takes the edge off it.


Still love it :D

PS, After some advice, tightened up screws and delrin and switch now playing ball


Fantastic in depth look can be found here


  1. Another great video Todd. It's good to know that there is a point where the outlay on the equipment doesn't bring any extra benefits. I think that button issue would drive me mad.

    Any chance of seeing some pics of the Roller with the Bliss, AC9 and Foggi? (pretty please). My Roller is due for delivery any day now!


  2. Looks like the button issue can be fixed with some tweaking, still to try it.

    Check my photos on my facebook page, will upload the pics in a wee while mate

  3. Hi Todd,

    if you take it to parts, maybe the buttonproblem would be solved after putting it together again. maybe the delrinpart in the switch isn't screwed well in place. Maybe after using that tool Rick showed in his review the button will snap into place properly. I'd like to see a follow up taken it all to bits. Nice review!



  4. £150 spent and you have to tweak...grrrr! I'll keep a look out on your FB page. Much appreciated.

  5. It's a beautiful piece of kit, but the price definitely drives me into the hybrid camp.


  6. Not really impressed with the Poldiac. Sure it looks great, but that switch would be a serious pain in the arse!

  7. Hi I have two poldiacs and never had a problem with either switch


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