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I received this free for review from the guys at


  1. Did the vape change any after moving wick further away from air post by using screws for coil

  2. Scott_Simpson, eGoManiac15 February 2013 at 13:57

    The multi-drip reminds me of the Vision Eternity ...

    1. Yeah, similar mate.

      Thanks for mentioning that though, I knew I had reviewed something like it in the past ;)

    2. Personally I think it looks like an inferior version of the Vision Eternity - and I'd rather use my IGO than my Eternity anyday.

      btw - ecigwizard have been selling the Patriot for quite a while now.

    3. Damn but aren't you a ray of sunshine today David!

      Remind me not to review anything that has been for sale for a while LOL

    4. haha - yes, I've made it my mission to bring joy into everyone's life.

      I really didn't mean to criticize what you do - I think you do a great job. But it seems to me the guys at easyvap have sent you a bit of a turkey. Rather than being a new and exciting product I suspect it's something they're having trouble shifting, so they're maybe hoping you can drum up a bit of extra business for them. (Or is that just me being cynical?)

      We all have different tastes and if people fancy trying this kind of thing they could get a Patriot or an Eternity. Alternatively they could spend half the money on a much better rebuildable dripper, namely the IGO L.

      That's just my opinion.


    5. Opinions are great David but do me a favour, keep the cynical comments to yourself, please!

    6. Ok, I apologise. Maybe I should have researched this more thoroughly before trolling your thread.

      Easyvap did their own youtube video exactly 12 months ago for the Patriot Mega, and that's the version carried by ecigwizard. This is the Patriot Multidrip which has a taller air tube (like the Eternity). So I guess it is a 'new' product which deserves to be reviewed just like any other new product.


    7. Thanks David, good of you to come back and say that, much appreciated.


  3. Hello , the "Patriot Multidrip" is a new version of the "Patriot", they are 2 diferent atomizers .
    The Patriot have short wire posts and aire flow hole on the flor, is made to be used with a ego-B standar fiber cartridge . You can drip on it as well , but not this much drops.
    Patriot Multidrip have long post and elevated aire flow to be able to support more drops. It have a seal on thread. And comes with the 2 tubes (ego B or 510 tip).
    The material , galvanized - Chrome plated brass is safe and is a used methode by many devices (but they don't make it public!)
    Todd , thanks for your honest review .
    Best regards


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