Hydra V2 Titanium RBA

I got this on loan for this review, for more details go to www.vaporwall.co.uk and look for the modders section called "The Art of the Exhale".




  1. Todd, if you do a follow-up for this one, weigh it dry, top it up, then weigh it again.

    It is indeed hard to convey just how little 16g really is, but (to others) consider this... 3 pieces of regular A4 printer paper is 15 grams.

  2. Hi Todd..
    Would you say that the bottom of the centre pin was gold plated and not brass as that would be very hard to weld brass to SS just a thought for you to ponder?..

    1. I honestly don't know, here's the exact spec as posted by the maker and can't find any other mention of materials used!

      Description and Specifications:

      Made: made of titanium with high quality treatment.
      Connector type: 510 - made from a solid piece of titanium. Stainless steel plus contact. Titanium floor, pillars and ducting.
      Tank: Pyrex tank, —Āapacity: 3ml e-liquid.
      Blowing: from the side


      - the length of the collection (not including connector and drip tip) - 47 mm,
      - diameter - 19 mm,
      - weight - 16 gram.
      - holes on mesh 2.4 mm - 2pcs.
      - airhole 1.2 mm
      Designed to work: with the drip tips 510
      Working with stainless steel mesh 400 and wire(Kanthal or Nichrome) with 0.2mm diameter.

    2. Hi Todd
      thankyou for you prompt reply ..
      Stainless steel PLUS CONTACT. I suspect the contact is gold plated for best contact face.

  3. I've been waiting to get an approval for the vaporwall forum for weeks now, I would really love to be able to get hold of one of them rebuildable's, it look's awesome, and it had some fantastic reviews.


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