Review - SS VAMO V2 -

Bought this from Jason at

Got it for a great price as he was doing 20% off on New Years Day.

Not sure what to make of the bottom cap getting warm but after a couple of days use been working great and happy with the purchase.

Just popped a hotspring in there and heat gone from bottom cap, my advice, buy a hotspring for this!


  1. Finally all your tutorials make sense with this mod. All my rebuildables work like a charm now that I can fiddle with the wattage. Used egos before this and it was very miss and the occasional hit, now it's all hits.
    Surrounding myself with clouds of vapour a la Todd on my vh-dripper, vivi nova, stardust, aga-t and "cobra".
    Awesome (sorry)

    1. It's strange how a device can change your vaping experience, getting the right mod and the right atty and you can be in vaping heaven :D

  2. Forgot to say I am now revisiting eliquids I had rejected in the past because I thought they were naff, now I can really taste the flavours I missed first time round.

  3. I got a VAMO from thevapingvault and a phoenix dripping atty ss along with some other stuff. Have to say their Red Cow juice is lovely, tastes like Red Bull. I'm also playing around with different wattage for different juice and am amazed at the difference this device and a 18350 battery have made. What was tasteless or had a bad after taste is now all good. Not experienced any heat problems with the base yet though, but the spring is brass coloured and seams quite substantial for the device.



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