Review - The AC9 Atomizer

Got this in a trade.

Length: 55.5mm not including connector
Diameter: 22mm
Stainless Steel 510 Base Screw
3.5ml capacity PMMA Tank

According to the sites, standard air hole is 1.5 and the reduced air hole is 1.25, the draw was really airy on mine I think due to the large hole in the wick, I put another wick inside that and has helped a great deal with the airy draw.

The outside diameter of the airhole is 2mm but the internal diameter is 1.5, not 2mm as I state in the video

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  1. I know this comment is way too late to be of any use to you now, but a possible reason for you getting a load of vapour with the top cap off and very little when you were vaping it is because it wicks so well, when you were vaping you were tilting it too much and causing the wick to flood. This may not be the case, but I've noticed with mine that, if the tank is quite full, you really need to avoid tilting it at all, otherwise it floods and I get very little vapour. Unfortunately, you don't get a gurgling sound, like you do with other devices to tell you when it is flooded, but due to the excess liquid near the coil, the coil struggles to get warm enough to vaporize the juice properly.

    1. O rings mate, got the new ones and made a hell of a difference :)


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