24hrs with the Hellfire Mega

It's true, I can be a sarcastic sod and on occasion go overboard when it comes to fan boys and their idols!


I'm also prepared to admit when I'm wrong and with the Hellfire, well I was wrong!

Yes, it's just another atty and on paper it shouldn't really differ from any other atty out there, it's just when you really start to vape on it that you start to notice the little details.

The hidden O rings, nothing new now but damn it makes it look good.

The design of the posts, tube and connectors, damn but if it was possible to get excited over a tin bit of metal, this actually manages it!

Setup is perhaps the easiest I have ever come across in all the Genesis attys I have owned and that's been a few, for me it really is a vast improvement on the old Mini Hellfires.

However, it is not without it's flaws.......

20mm, damn, all my mods are 22mm, I so want this to look good on them but the 20mm just makes it look like another atty on a mod, yes I know this criticism may be unfair and but you never know, maybe one day :D

The 510 connector, getting this little atty to sit nice on my mods but the vast majority, the gap, argghhh!

Even with the 510 adjusted to it's lowest setting, still sits high and proud on several mods which is a crying shame.

At the end of the day, the vape is outstanding and based on vape and flavour, makes my top 3 genesis attys, the GBell and Bliss being the other 2.

I can only hope that one day this atty becomes more ready available and that more people get to try it out.

Me, well at the end of the day I'll probably let this go, my need to have the mod and atty the same diameter is to strong, no matter how nice the atty is.

All the best



Got a PM from Hellfire himself telling me to sand down the small nut at the 510 connector, gap is gone :D