The Atermon Mechanical Mod

Nef'i Nemesis Top Cap & Switch

K.Loud by Boost Vaping Lab

The OVERONE RDA by mmvapors

The Freakshow RDA

Quick Reminder - Vape Grips the essential vaping accessory

JD Tech E-ray

Jester Mod & Clyde RDA by 3rd degree

Vlog Update!

Vlog - 2014 Round Up

Bell Vape Kayfun Tanks

Diablo Behemoth RDA

Luxyoun Unik 100W Wooden Box Mod

New 18500 Pipes & Kick adaptor from Limelight Mechanics

Sneak Peak - Innokin MVP 20W

The Skeleton Key

The Marquis RDA

Vlog 20141212

The Hellfire 22 Dripper

The Vapor Giant Range of Mods, Tanks and RDA

The eRoll C & eComm Mega by Joyetech

Vicious Ant Phenom

The First Ursimian Fog Dispensing Apparatus!

Vlog 20141206

Astron RDA & Labyrinth Mod by Cosmic Innovations

Floating Contacts & Hybrid Adaptor for the Nemesis by Atmomixani

Quick Tip - Wire Dispenser Solution

Standard Functions Brass Monkee 26650

The Kayfun v4

Arcabuz Mod & Aventador RDA by delaniemod

Vlog 20141128

MK3B ScrewDriver Mechanical Mod

Valiant Mod & Sovereign RDA by Alpha Artistry

The Little Greek

Quick Vlog 20141121

Review Schedule

Innokin arachnid MOD & Exthermal RDA

Vlog 20141114

Scorpion X by JD Tech (26650 Mod)

Quick Look - ASPIRE Atlantis/CF MOD/CF SUB OHM

The HEX Mod

The "Double S" by Fortune Mods

Aria Orion RDA

THE BOX by Vapevine (Vapers Toolkit)

The Brass Rider v2 by Boost Vaping Lab

Tomahawk by Mohawk Mods

Update to P3 Retail review

Vandal by Classic Mod

Provari P3 Retail Edition

Nova 22 RDA by Sector one vapors

Vlog 20141031


iTaste SVD2.0

Manta V2 RDA by JD Tech

NeoVapeTek Venturi RDA Atomiser Kit

Solara DNA30 by Beyond Vape

The GIZMO from Naturevape

Vlog 20141023

ARIA Hyperion Hybrid

Vape Mail!

eLeaf iStick

Exelixis mod by Mechano Mods

eLeaf Lemo RTA

Science of Vaping "S.O.D. 5K" RDA

Vlog 20141017

Odin RDA by Loki Lab

The Shield RDA by Neutral Workz

Trojan "Shadow" Mod by Neutral Workz

Charity Auction on Ebay

NITRO R by Boost Vaping Lab

Aria Oros Mechanical Mod

Fakirs Pina Genesis Atomizer

Quick Look - The Aero Dripper


The EDNA DNA30 by aero vape

The Bellwether Mechanical Mod by Elektric Angel Studio

The Big Dripper by Sub Ohm Innovations


Copper Nemesis by Atmomixani

CEO FOG RDA by Celtic mods USA

The Tinity Mod by Nar

Hobo V2 RDA by Hobo Customs

Vlog 20140927

The AXIOM Hybrid


Back Soon!

Provari v3 (beta)

Vlog 20140830

Manta RDA & Stingray Xti by JD Tech

J-Stands by J-Wraps

Seen the WHO release, please read these!

H16 RBA by Garage of Creation

The Seneca S 30 watt box mod

Vinyl Mod Wraps by JWraps

Vaper V4 by Petar K

Mini Yaeliq RDA

ORIGEN Genesis V2 by Norbert

Black Copper Akuma v1.5

Vlog 20140822

Copper Mephisto RDA


Quick Look - The Gizmo

Tahiti Evo by GP Custom

Silo Tank by Beyond Vape

Blue Tongue Woody

Competition Doge RDA by congrevape (production version)

Dominator X RDA by Qoppa

Innokin iTaste 134 MX—Z

Caribbean Mod 26650 by Mark's Imagination

vlog 20140815

The 26650 BFM by Bay City Vapor

Surfrider and XXIX Mods by Bay City Vapor

The Big Worker Carbon by JM Mods

The iTaste CLK! 1280

Vapor Giant Mini

SB23 RBA by Serpents Breath

H-Dripper by Garage of Creation

Vlog 20140808

Beyond Vape Beacon Mod

Easy PHI by Laik Mods

The Vulcan RDA

zArrAs DripTips (Line II)

Arama by Madz Modz

PUB 22 by Barjavel Mods

GBB-22 mini LE by Barjavel Mods

Black Fat Snow Wolf Mod

Vlog 20140801

Neuron Mod by neurotechmods

A Present!

Charity Auction - Brass Nemesis #001 & Dome RDA #001

Smart Lambo by Lrider

Fakirs FX16 – Troy X Mini Set

Fakirs FX30 26650 Mod

The Line LE by Van

Vlog 20140725

Stingray "X" BLACK by JD TECH

Aspire Nautilus Mini

The Monolith box mod

Garage of Creation H-Atty

The Crypto by Heidenstørm

The Totem Mod By Brothers In Customs

Vlog 20140718

Innokin itaste VF RDA

Naturevape Aro II Kit


Immo+ RDA by Chief Vapers Pat

Revolver Mod by Vapershock

Kabbalah 26650 Mod by Yaeliq

The Mrs Lord & Co, Mod!

Wizmo II Coiler

Vlog 20140712

Veritas RDA by IHybrid

The Nanos by MMV

Quick Look - The PUKKA coil

Quick Look - Kayfun Piston Top Caps

The Easy Coil+

Mod Factory Kayfun Accessories - Quick Look

Nemesis 26650 by Atmomixani

Diablo Reaver

Diablo Ro'kenhronteys

StattQualm SQuape R[eloaded]

Vlog 20140704

Squonking with the Zenith - Quick Look

e-mech by Dovepo

The SAGE Mod by BeyondVape

The Gladius by innokin

The BIG Yaeliq

AGA - T6

Vlog 20140626


The Rider by Boost Vaping Lab

Burai Hybrid LE by Ninja Mods

Vlog 20140620

Igo W7 RDA

The GG Esterigon

Victoria & Jezebel Mods by JAVapes

ASPIRE CF Battery Series

Vlog 20140613

The KATO Mod

The OX26650 by Fog Monsterz

Kanger Aero tank Mini & Mega

Brass Lernaia Hydra Mod by elcigart

The VAPE Station by MSB Vapes

Vlog 20140606

The Crann by lash creative

Asmodus 26650 RDA

UPDATE - The Manhattan and Venting

Erlkönigin Atomiser

HARIBON from Vape Fusion

The "Manhattan" By Ameravape Technologies

Blog 20140530

VariAnt by Vicious Ant

Mini Valkyrie by Vicious Ant

The Armor 26650 RDA by Manbo

Bauway iTouch T101/T106

Innokin itaste DRV

Review - The EVIVA-T by Atmistique

Stingray X by JD TECH

Vlog 20140523

The ANT Mod by Holy Land Mods

littlemaN Mod by Project Sub Ohm Prototype Alpha

Diablo Hybrid V2

The Myura by delaniemod

The Copper Viggo Mod

Vlog 20140516

The Virtue by Monarch Mods

Wizard's Apprentice Evolved II by Mark Bugs

COPPEREX Upgrade Kit by DA Iron Mod

Innokin iTaste CLK!

Vertex RDA by The Boss Mod

Trident V2 By Underdog Customs

Vlog 20140509